Wednesdays – Saturdays | 6 courses 138
Tuesdays – Saturdays | 
8 courses 268

Tea, sake and wine pairings are available.

Restaurant Policies
Our Chef’s counter is reserved for parties of 1-2, parties of 3-4 will be seated at the dining tables, and parties of 5-8 will be hosted in the private dining room.

Kindly note that no-show, change in party size or cancellations within 7 days of a reservation will incur a fee of SGD 80 (lunch) / SGD 150 (dinner) per person.

Saturday Dinner Seating Period
First seating: 6:00pm – 6:15pm
Second seating: 8:30pm – 8.45pm

For reservations from October 2019, kindly note that the restaurant will require first seating tables to be returned by 8:15pm and seating arrangement will be at the discretion of the restaurant.

Dietary Restrictions
We appreciate your kind understanding that all ingredients for each guest’s meal are procured freshly from Japan. Should you have any dietary restrictions, please inform us at the point of your reservation. Any late requests will not be accommodated.

Kindly note that seafood and soy are key ingredients in all our meals and we are unable to provide vegetarian and vegan options.

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